Custom size security doors

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We are an authorized Larson Retractable Screen Storm Door Dealer. Custom Size Security Screen Doors are available in a range of colors and custom sizes. Custom size doors ship in 3-4 weeks. Once an order is placed our team will follow up to confirm all the details before your door is released into production.

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Custom Size Security Doors

  • Platinum Secure Screen



    Stainless Steel Screen The Dominator™ security screen is the toughest screen on the market, rated for strength and impact. It features a woven .032 wire diameter stainless steel with the strength of more than 1,000 lbs/inch and includes a...

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  • ProVia DuraGuard Full View Screen Storm Door



    Built In Stainless Steel Screen Non-removeable .023 guage stainless steel screen provides airflow and security. Sculpted Aluminum Frame Extra heavy aluminum frame with multiple hollow chambers offers more durability than typical frame Leaf...

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  • Platinum Secure Glass



      Security Glass Dominator™ shield in between two glass panels keeps intruders out. Includes Break-In Protection Warranty. Built-in Hidden Closer Sleek built-in hidden closer with Click&Hold™ keeps the door open...

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How It Works?

Pick your door

Choose your storm door options including screen type, size and color. We have hundreds of options available to choose from. Our reps can help guide you if you need assistance.

Order Confirmed

Once an order is placed you will receive an automatic notification of the order. Our team will then review the details and follow up to confirm before releasing for production.

Ready for pickup/Delivery

As soon as the door is ready for pickup or delivery we will contact you to schedule. Pickup is available anytime during normal business hours. Deliveries will be coordinated based on availability.